The International Salon Project

A global initiative with local impact, giving artists, sponsors, and the public access to a better, more intimate kind of cultural dialogue.

Our Mission

The International Salon Project strives to make the world a more cultured place. We are ambassadors of art, stretching boundaries, connecting creative minds, and celebrating the interaction between people. In this function, we organize unique subscription concerts across the globe, form partnerships with other charitable institutions, and operate several independent initiatives to promote talent, aiming to reach the widest audience possible. In doing so, we not only benefit society as a whole, but also provide a unique opportunity to corporate sponsors and private patrons, helping them give back in the most meaningful way. Our public enjoys access to an incomparable forum for intellectual exchange, witnesses art in its purest form, and can find an infinite array of customized experiences, shaped to suit particular occasions or foster unique networking. We’re taking an elite entertainment form, and turning it into a celebration of the human experience.

Exclusive, but Personal

Most masterworks were not made to be super-sized. A Salon can be anything, but it’s always up close, personal, and real. The International Salon Project stands for the highest standard in live acoustic music performance, as well as the collective experience of art and culture of all genres. It values dialogue between listeners, and guarantees a welcoming environment, where artists introduce their own works, and every seat puts you closer than the front row.

Concerts, Events, Outreach

We’re helping artists keep in touch with the world, while providing them with ideal working conditions. We’re giving the public access to experiences it never dreamed were possible. While our roster is highly selective, our potential reach is limitless. Our events: designed to inspire new audiences. We create an atmosphere that helps guests open up to new ideas, and promote a manner of presentation that is as unpretentious as it is welcoming. Performers, artists, or invited speakers are approachable. Instead of clapping while they leave the stage, you get to shake their hand. In the reception area, drinks and conversation carry on for hours.

Local Impact

We craft each Salon to match its city. Except in luxury and quality, no two Salons are alike. By cooperating with sponsors, government funds, corporate benefactors, and private donors on an individual basis, we can shape the character of every initiative to maximally align with the nature and interests of its surrounding community. At the same time, our international professional network gives us the greatest reach, experience, and standards of execution.

Your Salon

Whether you envision a single, traditional 19th-Century reception event, or a groundbreaking contemporary series spanning several years, you may find it or realise it here. What would your Salon look like? We are always searching for ideas, collaboration, and support. Contact us, contribute to our efforts, share our concept with others, and become involved. Help us bring people together. Help us give the world a more personal cultural experience.

Start the conversation today: reach out to us.

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